Slagelse Garden - a musical experience

Slagelse Garden is a marching band consisting of a corps with flutes and drums, and a wind orchestra with brass- and wood wind instruments. At the moment Slagelse Garden has about 55  players in the age of 9-25. In 2002 Slagelse Garden celebrates its 25th anniversary, so it’s a well-established association, which is well on in years. 

Let us entertain you

Slagelse Garden has got what it takes to contribute with a successful arrangement, and it looks good when the young people come marching in style, wearing their colourful uniforms. Slagelse Garden has 25 years of experience and plays at any occasion; from civic festivals, to parades and birthdays. No arrangement is too big, none is too small. The repertoire covers a wide field of music  from march and rock, over musicals to the latest topical music.

Slagelse Garden likes to march through town, make a “tattoo” –a nice show of about 15 min. of duration- or play a harmonious concert with elements of humour as an option, if the organizer wants it.

Naturally we have to require an amount for the arrangement, because we have to maintain the instruments and the uniforms, to keep Slagelse Garden functioning.

Those, who order Slagelse Garden can be certain to get a successful and different arrangement!

You are always welcomed to contact us by mail for futher informations:

 mail SlagelseGarden

Adventures abroad

Every year Slagelse Garden goes abroad for about a week during the summer holidays. Over the years we have visited all the countries in Scandinavia, plus Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Scotland, Spain, the Czech Republic, France and England. In the anniversary year 2002 we went on a trip to Athens in Greece, which has been the greatest trip so far. On several occasions Slagelse Garden has been invited by local music bands in the different countries, and through that we have formed good friendships. It’s always interesting meeting new cultures, and  that’s why we are always ready to take a trip abroad.

Slagelse Garden has also competed in big competitions as well in Germany as in Denmark, where we have achieved good positions.

Home, sweet home

The town where we have our domicile, has given Slagelse Garden its name. Slagelse is a Danish town with about 35.000 citizens, in the western part of Zealand, about 100 km. from Copenhagen. Slagelse Garden recruits the players in Slagelse itself and its hinterland, and in this way the band is a presentable ambassador of Slagelse, publicly.

Once upon a time

In January 1977 a couple of men with a great interest in music, had a brilliant idea, which probably was intended to give warmth on the cold winter days: A marching band in Slagelse was just what the town needed. And this was the early beginning of  Slagelse Garden. At first Slagelse Garden consisted of a marching corps with flutes and drums, but later it was increased with a wind orchestra. The uniform was introduced to the public in the summer of 1978, and since this time Slagelse Garden has been a real marching band.

It requires a certain amount of money to run an association like Slagelse Garden. In addition to the arrangements, Slagelse Garden is financed by subsidies and subscriptions (which the players pay for rent from uniforms and instruments). Last but not least we have to thank our support club: “The Friends of Slagelse Garden” that we make ends meet.

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